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CTCN/HGF webinar: Vulnerability Reduction Credits (VRCs™) enabling better adaptation to climate change

On April 4, the Climate Technology Centre & Network  (operational arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism) and the Higher Ground Foundation completed a joint webinar to showcase the potential for VRCs in enabling climate adaptation. The webinar was very successful with a total of 73 viewers.


VRCs give project participants a robust starting point for monitoring and evaluation that also may facilitate policy making and target setting, project finance, community-led adaptation, and innovation. 


During the webinar, HGF’s Karl Schultz and Elizabeth Purnell summarized the structure and utility of VRCs and showed through several case studies how communities facing climate risks may understand and respond to these risks more effectively. Karl finished the presentation with an in depth question and answer section from viewers of the webinar.

Here is the recording of the webinar:

To learn more, visit CTCN's page for the webinar:   


And contact HGF to discuss a potential technical assistance idea:


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