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Summary for Climate Adaptation and Indigenous Response in the Arctic Blogs

Actualizado: 15 de jul de 2020

Blake Gentry's four part blog series of weekly posts includes the following. We welcome commentary and engagement with experts and those impacted to further refine our understanding and ideas for addressing the multi-facetted challenges.

0. Series Forward (by Karl Schultz, HGF Exec. Chair)

I. Alaskan and Canadian Arctic Warming

This blog reviews current arctic Alaskan and Canadian climate conditions and environmental impacts on indigenous lands, peoples, and animal species. It shares information on an indigenous climate adaptation tool for sea ice.

II. Native Peoples and Permafrost in Alaska

This blog explores the human impacts of permafrost melt in Alaska and it considers in situ versus ex-situ climate adaptation in a brief community case study.

III. Arctic Climate Adaptation and Indigenous Migration Rights

This blog illustrates some ethical, legal, and practical responses to the continuum of indigenous climate adaptation and migration in the Arctic region. It shares information on a second indigenous climate adaptation tool for sea ice.

IV. Arctic Climate Adaptation Policy Making

This 4th and final blog in the series, Climate Adaptation and Indigenous Response in the Arctic, reviews the gaps in approaches used for regional climate adaptation policy making and the priorities of some arctic governments in the region.

Our next post is the first of the actual blog series, Alaskan and Canadian Arctic Warming....

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